The Not Lesbians

I started this play in my first year of Young Playwright Inc's Advanced Playwriting Workshop (Spring 2013). It's a one act about a trans man, Ollie, and his ex-girlfriend Zora. They meet up for the first time since Zora dumped him, and brawl over the details of what about his transition conflicted with her identity.

The Blank Theater produced it as a part of their 22nd Annual Young Playwrights Festival in June 2014 at the Stella Adler Theater in Los Angeles, CA.
Shaan Dasani and Caroline Lindy in the Blank's YPF Production
I'm hoping to have another production of the play soon, and I'm submitting it to theaters around the country. If you'd like to read it, the most current draft and a sample is available via my page on the NewPlayExchange, or can be obtained by emailing
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