From my sophomore to senior year I worked on OutCasting, a radio program dealing with issues through the eyes of LGBT* youth and their allies. My work on the show ranged from writing midbreaks and website maintenance, to my favorite aspect, interviews. Our goal with the show has been the normalization of LGBT* youth, and providing our perspective, since most of the mainstream media's coverage of LGBT* youth has been focused on suicide.

What I learned from OutCasting was how to work in a team, and focus on a product for a general audience. The show taught me a lot about professionalism in calls and emails, doing long form interviews with experts on certain fields, and making good radio. My work on the show and conversations with our producer, inspired my play The End of Broadcast Radio and developed my deep love for the medium of radio.

Some of my favorite episodes include:

Most recently, The Advocate wrote about OutCasting, saying:
In-depth, well researched, and punchy in the right ways, the spot had NPR-level production values, and Travis performed like a seasoned journalist.
The article ran in the December 2014/January 2015 print edition, and is online here.

The show was first written about in a front-page article that ran in the lower Hudson valley's Journal News on the day OutCasting debuted in October 2011. In June 2012 NY1 featured OutCasting's executive producer Marc Sophos as their "New Yorker of the Week" and interviewed me along with some other OutCasters.

Please take some time to visit OutCasting online, and follow them on Twitter/Facebook. And if you can, donate.
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