Internship Projects

I've been lucky to have three fabulous summer internships: my first was at the York Theater in 2013 and with Seth Rudetsky in 2014, and in 2015 with the VH Theatrical Development Foundation/Works by Women. From them I've learned about the professional theater world, interacted with people of fascinating experience, and been able to initiate exciting projects. Both of these projects started as a way to expand audiences, along with my own skills, while creating something substantial.

SethTV YouTube Promo Series

For my internship with Seth Rudetsky (here's a blog I wrote during it) last summer, I wanted to find a way to draw subscribers to his paid SethTV video site. One of the core series on the site is his weekly interview program, Seth's Broadway Chatterbox, on which he informally chats with a Broadway celebrity each Thursday and has them perform a song. What I did was establish a style of distilling the hour-long interviews to a roughly five minute highlight reel, the actual editing is rudimentary, but figuring out what will market best is the skill. The videos include a full story the guest tells, and a segment of the song sung, paired with an overview in the video description of what's discussed in the full hour. Rather than a 30 second advertisement, these videos themselves have entertainment and satisfaction value, and give a taste of the premium video. Two of my favorite clips I put together are with Jonathan Groff (with more than 18k views) and Alan Cumming (with more than 23k).

York Theatre Archive

In July 2013 at the York Theater, I found that there was no comprehensive archive of the theater's history, so I sought out to start one. My idea was to note the many readings, workshops, and productions the theater has done in their forty year history, and explore their impact on musical theater. I created a tumblr blog with cast information, photos, and posters so anyone who may not have been familiar with the theater's full history could explore and appreciate it. The project was continued by interns after I finished my summer internship, and hopefully will be expanded one day to include set design sketches, and a full history of mainstage productions, and more.
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