Summer 2016

Less than a month until I'll be moving into my first leased, adult apartment.
Real exciting stuff.

Summer 2016 has been...a lot.

My time is split between working 9 - 5 at Emerson's IT Help Desk, and at
Both have been rewarding and properly challenging experiences.

This past month I had to move out of the apartment in Allston I was living in, due to a small fire that did not affect my room. Now I'm in the North End, which I love.

Getting out of my routine got me off track on my writing. I've been working on a Spec script for Broad City and some theatre writing, focusing on a play I'd like to stage this fall at school.

Thankfully I have had some truly fulfilling experiences. One was the Creating Action Crew with the Theatre Offensive. In ten rehearsals, I and four other artists utilised devised theatre techniques to create a short SHAREformance. This was my first time actually creating this kind of performance, and the first time I've been paid as a performer/theatre artist. Based on this, I've been rethinking and interrogating my current habits as an artist, which has felt great.

I have been mulling over how the internet does not archive content well, and what I can do to ensure that my work, art, writing, posts, etc can be preserved and accessible in the most useful system.
One solution I'm playing around with is creating these Storify archives every month, with my own content, shared posts I loved, and articles which had an impact on me.

Check it out.
Location: Boston, MA, USA
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