I'm really glad I went to Paris. Even though it was two weeks after the attacks, I felt safe. I wasn't going to cancel a trip I would be taking with my friends Suzie and Tim, if we would be travel with them and Suzie's parents.

First of all, the bread was indeed amazing. I could use a good baguette right now.

All my life some people told me Paris was the greatest city in the world, others said it was smelly and the people were mean to tourists.

The city indeed felt romantic and gorgeous. Here's the Saint Chapel in beautifully lit glory.

My friends and I went to a famous cemetery found Oscar Wilde's grave where we recited some of his best quotes.

For theatre we went to see the long-running double-bill of Ionesco's The Bald Soprano and The Lesson at the Théatre de la Huchette.

In looking for a romantic place to sit and write, I found the Anticafé. Here, instead of buying a drink and spending all the time you want working, you pay for the time you spend at the cafe and get all the snacks and drinks you want! Cool stuff.

The Lourve was an overwhelming experience, as I expected it to be. So easy to become lost, and a barrage of religious art that I wanted to get past. I was most struck by Eugène Delacroix. And the Mona Lisa was not that disappointing, as I feel as though I've been set up for being disappointed by its size. Because of the climate of Paris I suppose, there wasn't a huge crowd around the over-hyped painting, and I took my time to appreciate it.

Leaving a taxi, the driver told my friends and I that he was grateful we came to Paris, that following the attacks the city needed tourists to keep the city alive. Police all over the city in fact made me feel safe, getting checked before going into malls or museums, I thought that as a tourist with truly nothing to hide, I could enjoy myself without fear.
Location: Kasteellaan 20, 5855 AE Well, Netherlands
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