Copenhagen was another city that was recommended to me by enough people that I stuck it high up on my list. Surprisingly it was an expensive city. Culturally this city has so much to offer.

As with all cities, it started with a walking tour. My guide told us about Copenhagen's history of many fires and a their amazing Queen who illustrated The Lord of the Rings and speaks many languages.

I poped into the Kunsthall Charlottenborg and laughed at this exhibit from William Forsythe. I walk into the exhibit and think, "how can I avoid these pendulums!"

Jacob Holdt, a Danish photographer had an exhibit of work looking at poverty in America. It was a visceral experience looking at each photo, many accompanied with quotes (like Humans of NY) and often a Bible quote.

The theatre piece I settled on seeing first was called Come Together, this bizarre staging of Beatles songs with costumes from all over the time, reorchestrations, and lots of flying. Some of the covers were thrilling and engrossing, others were quite tacky and silly.
The theatre for this was a part of an aquarium in Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park in the middle of the city.

My friends and I also spent time visiting the Freetown Christiania, this sort of hippie commune.

One of my favorite museums I have seen so far is the National Gallery of Denmark. For their European art 1300 - 1800 section, the walls were color-coordinated so you could track influences from antiquity and across the land. The museum also had a brilliant collection on modern art and especially surrealist art. Wilhelm Freddie painted some brilliant works, and I was especially fond of this short film "Porridge".

A handful of Christmas markets were popping up around the city, which made me happy to waltz around.
Location: Kasteellaan 20, 5855 AE Well, Netherlands
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