Halfway Through This Adventure

We leave for Vienna today.
Midterms are over. We survived. There was an unbelievably high amount of tension permeating the castle grounds this week. My friend Suzie got an ulcer.

This adventure is halfway-over.

I listen to the cast recording of Hamilton a lot. The lyric "look around, look around, how lucky we are to be alive right now" is always echoing in my head.

Every day things appear more picture-esq to me. And I want to photograph them.


The names of my classes are: History of the World Since 1914, History of Western Art I: Reniassance and Baroque Art, World Drama in Its Context, and Topics in Global Literature: Gender, Race, and Diaspora, in Postcolonial Texts. What I notice is that three of these classes super focused on history. My literature class, in which we've read three novels taking place in the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) during the time of Colonialism, have taught me a lot of history and about Dutch culture. I wonder often in my classes if I'm being awakened, or changed. People talk about semesters-abroad being "life changing events"

My favorite room

The castle is a wonder. I want to know the history of everything, and how past Emerson students have lived here for nearly thirty years. This might be my favorite room. The Barbetta Room.

It's where the acting class takes place. For me, it is like what you want your mind to be: open and empty, with an illuminating source of beauty and inspiration. As I sit alone in here, the gentle white light from the exit signs keep me in the zone. It's where I like to write my plays.


Now I've seen eleven pieces of theater in Europe. My favorite ones have usually incorporated movement, which I'm beginning to be fascinated by. Even in a two-character drama, there's some choreography. I don't think I can generalize differences between European and American theatre, but I'm finding lots of elements I want to take home with me.

Absolute Positives So Far

  • Tipping, pretty much is not a thing
  • The benches around the castle grounds are placed SO well, in the most wonderful places, it's sad that it'll be too cold to sit outside and read, but I have had many hours appreciating moments of sunshine, on a variety of benches
  • Bike riding is so easy because the Netherlands are so flat, and I adore riding into town, getting something from the bakery, or going to the general store where I can send postcards

In My Opinion: The Negatives

  • There are definitely A LOT more spiders I come across on this campus than any other place I have called home
  • Most restaurants in Europe don't give you water, you have to buy bottles, it's horrible! Though in Scotland it was not like this
There's lots more traveling to be done.
I am excited to see more, learn more, capture more, remember more, write more.

I don't want this adventure to end, but I want to have the experience I'm gaining for home.

Location: Well, Kasteelaan 20, 5855 Well, Netherlands
• • •