Cologne, The Van Gogh, and The Hague

Ralph Trost, the teacher of my History of the World Since 1914  class, lead an excursion this weekend to Cologne, Which was great. We saw the large church, climbed to the top of it (19 stories, too HIGH!) Got a tour of the museum of Roman art / artifacts there, and enjoyed the German city.

My favorite part of the day was the Berliner. For € 1 I could get TWO jelly donuts. Which made me incredibly happy.


On Saturday I overtook a trip to Amsterdam by myself. My main objective of the daytime was to experience the Van Gogh Museum. It was so beautiful.

This was my favorite painting I saw of his ->
The Sower

Though seeing some of his famous ones (Bedroom, Sunflowers) was quite satisfying.

At the museum right now is an exhibition about Van Gogh's influence on Munch-which might be one of my favorite exhibitions I've ever seen.

I thought the museum was closing at 5PM so I went through the museum kinda quickly. At 5PM I asked a guard when the museum closed, and he said 10. So I went through the museum twice. Dream come true.

That night I went to see a piece of theater called Horror. I came across this teaser and decided I needed to go.

And this did not disappoint. Like a horror movie on stage, this was SCARY STUFF in it, on stage. And I loved every second. There was no dialogue, I think-which would have ruined the whole piece. Occasional movement of bits, and highly choreographed fights were a part of this. Not since I saw Mary Poppins on Broadway When I was 11 I have seen such astounding stage magic, so I hope I get to experience this piece again someday. I'm not sure where it would fit in the theatre-scene of America. I'm not sure it is intellectual enough to go to not-for-profits around the country, and it isn't quite commercial enough to tour like Broadway shows do today.


I woke up in the Hague and went to the Mauritshuis. I came across Girl With a Pearl Earring, and other famous Dutch works. I time wandering the autumn-y town and thinking about my purpose for being on Earth.

Next, and the most important part of this weekend, was going to see The Soldier of Orange. A musical running since 2010, making it the longest running Dutch musical in history. The show is housed in an airplane hanger, converted into a theater specifically for this production. What made this so exceptional was how the sets were in a ring surrounding the seats, and the entire platform of seats would rotate to focus on a different place. The show was SUCH a spectacle, more than anything I think I've seen before. My jaw-dropped pretty low at one reveal. The entire production was in Dutch, but thankfully I got an English synopsis. Even without the language barrier, I felt that the vocal performances and 9 piece orchestra were really underwhelming. Still, for all the trouble it took to get to this piece, which is really out of the way from major cities, it was so very worth seeing. I feel that now I've gotten the range of the biggest Dutch musical, and a tiny production of Macbeth, for young people.
Location: Well, Kasteelaan 20, 5855 Well, Netherlands
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