An Overview of Summer 2015

Today I head to Boston, and on Thursday I depart for Emerson College's Kasteel Well program.
Here's an overview of my nearly perfect Summer 2015:


My internship with VH Theatrical, and Works by Women went incredibly well. I learned a lot about all it takes to run a not-for-profit theater company. Budgets, administrative work, tax papers, union forms, social media, fundraising. I'm really proud I got to help plan two "play" dates with New Brooklyn Theatre.

For awhile the organization was looking for an alternative to using Microsoft Excel as a database of performers, writers, directors, designers, etc; and I came across Airtable one day and since it ended up being exactly what was needed, I got to help set it up which was excited. Also I initiated an implementation of the messaging platform Slack, which truly helped to move most emails and texts to one platform for the team to use internally.


Most of the summer was spent working on the first draft of a new full length play, Art is Easy. I've uploaded a sample on the New Play Exchange. In addition I've been working on another draft of The End of Broadcast Radio.


I love ushering so much. Being a part of greeting people going
  • I saw the Tempest at Shakespeare in the Park roughly 8 times in full, and the first act another 4.
  • I saw Cymbeline (also at Shakespeare in the Park) 13 times in full, the first act another time.
  • With Roundabout Theater Company, I saw Significant Other five times.
  • This past weekend I saw Public Works' production of The Odyssey three times.

What I Went to See

On Broadway

Fun Home (which I did see in previews at the Public), Hamilton, Hand to God, and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (which I was seeing for the second time) are the productions that I believe matter most on Broadway.

Off-Broadway and Beyond

The first time I saw Significant Other I cried through mostly the entire play, happy and sad moments. It's such a beautiful, tender, emotional, and touching play that hits right on particular insecurities. Seeing the play multiple times has sort of embedded it into my mind.

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins' Gloria at the Vineyard Theatre was an incredibly well written idea/event play, and like his previous, An Octoroon, it's one that I appreciate and fall in love with the more I think about it.

Dave Malloy's Preludes at LCT3 was an example of something I loved from the moment I walked into the theater, and I wish I could revisit it annually. Malloy and director Rachel Chavkin's aesthetics each are so satisfying to me. Joseph Keckler's performance of "On a Loop" was transcendental. The cast recording cannot come soon enough.

Little Shop of Horrors at City Center with the original Audrey, Ellen Greene, and Jake Gyllenhaal was just one of those one-in-a-lifetime experiences. My friend David Levy wrote a truly splendid essay, responding to the production.

Mrs. Smith's Broadway Cat-Tacular was everything I've ever wanted when going to the theater, and I'm devastated the production wasn't more of a success. I'm a Mrs. Smith super-fan for life.

New Brooklyn Theatre's productions of Las Meninas and Rachel were so gripping. The post show discussions were some of the best I've ever had.

I caught Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind twice from the NY NeoFuturists, which is always thrilling and a kick in the butt to go do and make something.
Dylan Marron and Jo Firestone's Ridgefield Middle School Talent Nite was hands down, the funniest thing I've ever seen, and has set the bar for me in respect to comedy.

Taylor Mac performed the 20th Century Abridged (from judy's 24-Decade History Of Popular Music project) at Celebrate Brooklyn! I was stunned at how the monologues in between songs -- in order to give context to each pop song -- were so educational, and bringing up parts of American history that aren't at in our mainstream discussion. A week later at the Park Avenue Armory, Mac did an open rehearsal of 1786-1796, focusing on the temperance movement and pub songs. It was a delight. Taylor Mac might be my number one theatrical inspiration.
A photo I took of Taylor Mac at Celebrate Brooklyn!
This summer was a lot of couch-surfing, very Amanda Palmer-esq. Thank you to all who accommodated me.

• • •