Company One: It Feels Like Home

The following is an assignment I wrote for my Research Writing class, here at Emerson College.
We were asked to profile a local Boston organization, under the lens of our class' topic:
The Environment, Landscapes, and Place

The Theater District

Emerson College is located in the “theater district” neighborhood of Boston, because of the string of theaters populating the streets: the Wilbur, Wang, Shubert, Boston Opera House and Colonial are some of Boston's oldest. But these aren't theaters in the sense of hosting artistic, enriching endeavors in my opinion. They're venues for stand-up comedians, Broadway musical tours, and concerts, spaces where an event can fit at least a thousand people, then leave. According to an article from The New England Quarterly, “during the early 1890s, Boston was the scene of the earliest attempt to introduce the radical drama and independent theater into America." I'm curious to know how Boston was deemed so significant to theater, when NY is so close, and if we as a city could be a landmark in the world of theater again. And if the theater district isn't home to the edgy theater in Boston, where is it?
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Dramaturgy Projects

I have two upcoming dramaturgy projects, that are very exciting!

For the past month I've been working on Arrowhead a new musical being produced here at Emerson College on May 7th and 8th. I am the assistant dramaturg with Emily White, and script supervisor.
It's been so exciting to help shape this piece written by Jackson Teeley, and directed by Corey Potter.

And I'll be working again with Emily White on Lydia Diamond's Lizzie Stranton for Emerson Stage next season, directed by Lee Mikeska Gardner. It goes up February 4th - 7th, 2016 in the Greene Theater, a space I love very much.
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Hosting Standing Room Only in April

I'll be hosting Standing Room Only, the showtunes program on Emerson's Radio Station, WERS three times in April. This is during the bi-annual fundraising drive for WERS, Live Music Week, so there will be less music than usual.

Tune in April 11th and 18th from 10AM to 2PM EST and April 12th from 12PM to 2PM

Either go to and click "LISTEN LIVE: FM Stream" or download the WERS app on your phone.
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